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Career Opportunities


Welcome from Fiona

Welcome to those considering a career in Aged and Community Care.


Here at May Shaw, we encourage personal growth and learning while upholding our core values and mission. Our goal is to assist communities in celebrating life at all stages.


As CEO of May Shaw I aim to nurture and support all staff with Respect, Leadership, Equality and Collaboration. We aim to work with our communities to provide responsive and innovative health and aged care. We live and work in the some of the most beautiful communities in Tasmania and it is a privilege to lead the team that is so passionate in celebrating life for our residents and team at every stage.


I hope that May Shaw can inspire you to take the leap into a career in rural health that will bring you not only joy and achievement, but the ability to be proud of what you do everyday.

Fiona Onslow-Agnew

Chief Executive


Our Positions

Our diverse and inclusive workplace offers a variety of roles and positions to cater to everyone's unique skills and interests.


Whether you're passionate about caregiving, administration, maintenance, or any other aspect of our operations, there is a place for you here at May Shaw. We believe in fostering a supportive environment where individuals can thrive and contribute to our shared mission of providing exceptional care and service.


Join us at May Shaw and be a part of our dynamic team where your talents are valued and your potential is limitless.


  • Chief Executive

  • Executive Officer

  • Chief Financial Officer

  • Director of Facilities

  • Director of Aged and Community Care

  • Director of Quality and Risk


  • Registered Nurse

  • Enrolled Nurse

  • Extended Care Assistant

  • Leisure and Lifestyle

Frontline Management

  • Finance Coordinator

  • Clinical Care Coordinator

  • Hotel Services Coordinator

  • Home Care Coordinator

  • Day Centre Coordinator

Hotel Services

  • Cook

  • Hotel Services Assistant

  • Cleaner

  • Laundry Assistant

  • Maintenance Officer

Home Care

  • Home Support Worker

  • Home Care Coordinator

  • Admin / Rostering Officer

  • Gardener

  • Day Centre Worker


  • Administration Officer

  • Rostering Coordinator

  • Finance Assistant

  • Marketing Assistant

  • Human Resources

Hear from Our Team

Director of Facilities - Swansea


Meet Usha

“I started my career as a Home Support Worker then progressed to an ECA with

a multinational company in Australia. I did my bridging course in Australia and

then progressed to being a Registered Nurse in Australia. I received an opportunity early in my RN career to work as Acting Care Manager in a 'time for improvement' aged care home which then led to a few years in Care Manager roles in aged care in different states and settings. I decided to do travel nursing with Redstone which then led me to different parts of rural NSW, Northern Territory and Tasmania. My last travel nursing role was in Scottsdale Tasmania with May Shaw which led me to my current role as Director of Facilities - Swansea.


My reason choosing travel nursing was to trial the company working as an agency nurse which then would allow me to experience the company, culture and community setting in a broader aspect. I chose May Shaw because of the welcoming nature of Mandy, Director or Facilities - Scottsdale and the support she provided me while I stayed in a community where I didn’t have any close friends or family. Accreditation support given by Fiona as CEO during Scottsdale accreditation visit were some of the key reasons I felt that I can be part of May Shaw, and continue to grow, thrive and be supported as a team member.

This is my first time working for a non-profit organisation and I could feel the difference compared to family-owned business, private and multi-national companies. The sense of community, everyone looking out for each other, genuine willingness to help and felt that things can be achieved without being burnt out and managing a healthy professional lifestyle. The residents and their family members are lovely and understanding.


Working at May Shaw Swansea as an RN gives you the best of both worlds (Aged care,

UCC and sub-acute where you can tap into hospital setting clinical

exposure) with support of committed doctors who

have been providing care to May Shaw and community members for

over 20 years. I have been well looked after from a personal and

professional level which is why I permanently moved from Sydney to Tasmania.

We will do our best to support your career pathway".

Hotel Services Coordinator - Scottdsale


Meet Brodie

"I started my career in Aged Care 11 years ago after completing Certificate III in aged

& community care. I thoroughly enjoyed working alongside other ECAs to meet the

residents individual care needs, this gave me a lot of job satisfaction and helped me transition into a position with another company providing speciality equipment for the elderly across the state. While I was gaining experience at other establishments, I applied for a vacant maintenance officer position at Scottsdale May Shaw and was successful.


Starting in the maintenance sector for May Shaw in 2018, I progressed to managerial roles. Transitioning to management, I drew on my maintenance background to lead effectively, leveraging insights into daily operations for informed decision-making and efficient problem-solving. I gained valuable lessons in communication, teamwork, and adaptability in a dynamic setting. My journey from maintenance to management has been enriching, offering challenges and growth that have moulded me into a versatile leader.


Securing a role at May Shaw Scottsdale allowed me to return to the north east area and have a good work life balance but most importantly be close to my family. I love working at May Shaw, helping the residents, developing relationships and continuing to grow".

Administration / Marketing Assistant


Meet Phoebe

“I began working at May Shaw in 2018 as an Administration Assistant. My interest and enjoyment in Marketing, Design and Publications was evident and May Shaw encouraged me to move into a Marketing Role and supported me to complete a Certificate in Content Marketing. This role is an exciting one, bringing fun new opportunities and projects every day.


Having lived on the East Coast of Tasmania my whole life, securing a role at May Shaw has enabled me to remain living and working in the area, surrounded by my loved ones which is most important to me. Working at May Shaw allows me to have a great work-life balance, having lunch with my grandmother each day and being only walking distance from the beach to enjoy with my dogs after work.


I love working at May Shaw and am eager to see where this position may lead me in the future. I highly recommend May Shaw and urge young locals to explore the Aged Care

opportunities we have to offer”.

Hotel Services Coordinator - Swansea


Meet Karen

"I began my Aged Care Career at May Shaw nearly nine years ago as a qualified

chef with over 30 years of experience in the hospitality industry. Interacting closely

with the residents sparked my interest in caregiving and with the support of May Shaw, I pursued and completed my Certificate III in Individual Support (Aging). Transitioning into an administrative role in recent years, focused on Hotel Services and Rostering, eventually led me to my current position as Hotel Services Coordinator - Swansea.


I take pride in ensuring that every resident feels at home and receives the highest level of care. My experience as a chef has equipped me with valuable skills in providing nutritious meals that cater to individual dietary needs and preferences. Having worked in our facility as an Extended Care Assistant provides me with the necessary skills and knowledge required to assist residents with daily activities and ensure their comfort and well-being. During my 8 years at May Shaw, I have established positive relationships with our residents and am able to provide them with emotional support when required.


Having lived in the area for over 30 years, I have developed strong connections within the community and a deep comprehension of rural areas. Working at May Shaw has allowed me to remain living rurally and raising my children in our local community which I am grateful for".

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